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The Beni ourain rug is traditional and full of many fine details that enhance the look and beauty of the rug. The neutral shades of the rug and black details make it look elegant and classy. It is perfect for the smoking room, library or the drawing room. It can also be adjusted in your office. Place the Beni ourain rug in any room and it will make it look classy and Royal.

Dimensions :  181 cm x 260 cm = 5.9 ft x 8.5 ft

The Beni ourain rug is authentic and handmade. The rug is very rare as only a few people know how to prepare such quality products. It will bring new colors into your home and you can easily impress the guests with your elegant and classy choice for interior décor. You can enjoy the style and simplicity of the rug at every occasion and event.

Ref# B160-24


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