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Beniouarain Carpet is the home of handmade imported carpets and rugs from Morocco. With all the carpets, area rugs, pillows and additional nomad treasures that we carry, let our home reflect the look of your home. The quality and originality of our products are second to none. Take a look at our multiple different styles, colors and textures that will give your house, apartment or office the trendy look that it deserves. Berber Vintage rugs inspired by the beauty of the Atlas Mountains, Tribal flat-woven carpets and Bohemian Ethnic carpets are just a few choices that you can choose from. All our products are handmade and inspired by the cultural influences of the Kingdom of Morocco. All the beautiful choices are just a click away. Take advantage of our website to browse and shop for you and your loved ones. The holiday season is here and our products make unique gifts that are not only pleasing to the eye, but are also a great conversation piece. Our rugs are practical, but are also works of art in their own right. You can’t go wrong with Beniouarain Carpet, so hesitate no more and accentuate your home with our genuine handmade Moroccan Rugs.

Beni ourain rugs

We carry Authentic Beni ourain rugs,  Nothing can be better in winters then stepping on a warm floor that brings comfort with every step you walk removing the need of wearing sleepers.

Beni ourain

Azilal rugs

Azilal rugs

vintage Azilal rugs rug has the most amazing look filled with colors of nature which are enough for lighting up ones environment with please and comfort.

Flat woven rugs

Hand woven flat berber rugs is multipurpose and one can use it in dining or drawing welcoming the guest to the house of beauty and peace, can be used on wall or on the sofa.

Flat woven

More Tribal
Moroccan rugs

More Tribal Moroccan rugs

The beautifully designed Moroccan handmade Moroccan rugs are famous all over the world. All the way from the Moroccan Medina filled with the Moroccan glory of art and culture this rug is the perfect piece for all kinds of flooring in your house.

Boucherouite rugs

Made with the recycled clothing rags  it is the best quality customary rug you will ever discover. It is a vintage item and accessible in the elegant variety. easy to maintain.


Moroccan runner

Moroccan runner rugs

Moroccan long hallway berber runner rugs from deferent Moroccan tribes , All hand woven and loomed for your interior hallway .

Tuareg mats & Hassira mats

Taureg rugs and mats are very beautifully designed which makes them highly attractive catching eye of each and every visitor. Tuareg mats made by reed and leather , Hassira mats made by Straw fiber and wool .

Tuareg mats &
Hassira mats

moroccan rugs

Solid moroccan rugs

Bring new color simplicity worm anergy with the exotic flavors of the Moroccan solid rugs. The Moroccan solid rugs can give a new look to your home and it would the inspiration to décor the rest of the place.

Ottoman pillows and poufs

The Ottoman pillow is a novel conventional plan that originates from the general population that has been living in the time of Ottoman for a long time. The Moroccan cushion and poufs looks customized because it has been produced with the purest and finest quality wool or leather.

Ottoman pillows and poufs


Miscellaneous treasures

We carry beside rugs moroccan doors , moroccan old textiles …all vintage items from moroccan tribes



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